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  • dchmelik

  • Gnothi seauton ('know thyself'). I live in Washington state, USA. I am a philosopher, scientist, mathematician, lifelong chaste vegan, blue-eyed, brown-haired (with mostly red, blond facial hair, cut now), Bohemian-American, Scottish/English, French, Prussian, Lithuanian. I am a meditator/yogi studying the 'pagan' (non-abrahamic) religions. I like nature: gardening & silviculture, camping & hiking... ...
  • 40 years old | Spokane, Washington

  • lydianon
  • 38 years old | Spokane, Washington

  • romanceme
  • 56 years old | Spokane, Washington

  • johnb39
  • 54 years old | Spokane, Washington

  • leirioessa02

  • I'm an ultra-girly, skirt-wearing, bi blue-eyed blonde with hair so long I have to move it before I sit. I have a loving, secure, open marriage with my husband of 8 yrs. I'm not here for sex, I'm here because I'm kind of clingy and like to be around people. I'm looking for someone who's open to a new friendship with poly options on the table. Just want a pen-pal? I'm okay with that. I send long em... ...
  • 28 years old | Spokane, Washington

  • hottopic63
  • are you out there?
    spokane is awesome are you? looking for love and relationship, dating of course first, but hapiness is the ultimate goal.... ...
  • 49 years old | Spokane, Washington

  • whiteraven60

  • I have properties Here In Washington. I am looking for someone who would enjoy camping and sharing some good cooked dinners around the house. Love to visit and many other things. Send me a message. Who knows, we might be a match for each other. ...
  • 61 years old | Spokane, Washington

  • rj25

  • Looking for love Been here about 13 years. Looking to find someone to hang out with ...
  • 25 years old | Spokane, Washington

  • eherrin33
  • I live in Washington state.
    I live in Washington state. Spokane is now where I live. My kids and grandsons all live here. ...
  • 63 years old | Spokane, Washington

  • pozathlete
  • HIV+ Looking for friends
    HIV+ Looking for friends I am HIV+ married to an HIV-wife Looking for friends ...
  • 40 years old | Spokane, Washington