About Me
I'm looking for
Something REALLY hot, Soulmate, Miss right, Friends only, Penpal, The yin to my yang, Romance, Relationship, Dating, Conversation
Does coffee count?
Religious Views
Atheist, Hindu, Not Religious, but Spiritual, Pagan, Pantheist, Jain
Artist, Sculptor
Activist, Nerd, Introvert, Redneck, Intellectual, Tree hugger, Artistic
Rock, No pets allowed!
Leet, English, French
Fitness & Sports
Running, Yoga, Swimming, Working out, Cycling, Tennis, Jogging, Walking, Diving, Baseball, Football (International), Soccer (U.S.), Wrestling, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Skiing, Martial arts, Hiking, Dancing, Tai chi, Archery
Hair Style
Short hair, Curly
Bluegrass, Celtic, Chamber, Choir, Classical, Dance, Folk, Hip Hop, House, Jazz, Jazz-Fusion, Opera, R and B, Rap, Techno, Trance, Reggae, Soul, Funk, World, Relaxation and Meditation
Political Views
Socialist, Progressive, Conservative, Independent
My Sign
Virgo : aug. 23-sept. 22, I don't believe in zodiac signs, I was born in september
Hair Color
Blond, Light brown, Dark brown, Red
Eye Color
Straight, Celibate
Sci-fi, Comedy, Action, Indie, Romantic comedy, Bollywood, Animation, Classics, Westerns, Fantasy
Body Type
Athletic, Slim, Slender, Fit
Single - never married
Do you drink?
I currently live
With parents
Socially, I am
Shy at first, but warm up quickly, Better in small groups, Loner
Do you smoke?
No - will not date a smoker
Income level
That's private
Have Kids
No - definitely want them though
Education Level
High school grad, Bachelor's Degree, College grad
Artistic / Musical, Computer related / Hardware, Education / Academic Research, Technical / Science / Engineering, Internet
Hobbies & Interests
Reading, Dancing, Gardening, Video games, Music, Television, Computers, Photography, Cooking & recipes, Movies, Internet, Writing, Larp, Manga, Comic books, Magic, Painting, Board games, History, Science, Nature, Chess, Sculpting, Acting
My Matches
Their Gender
Their Orientation
Straight, Bisexual, Other
They are seeking
Their height
4′7″ to 5′11″
Their weight
90 to 180 lbs
Their age
18 to 40 years old
They are looking for
Friends - with benefits, Mr. right now
Socially, Every chance I get, What, are you a nark?, Burning man rocks...wait, what was the question
Deaf, HIV+
Religious Views
Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Latter-day Saints, Scientology, Islam, Muslim, Sikhism, Messianic, Messianic Judaism
Piercings, Tattoos
Total slacker, Playa, Burner (burning man participant)
Political Views
Libertarian, Not interested in politics
Caste (INDIA)
Christian - Born Again, Christian - Bretheren, Christian - Church of South India, Christian - Evangelist, Christian - Jacobite, Christian - Knanaya, Christian - Knanaya Catholic, Christian - Knanaya Jacobite, Christian - Latin Catholic, Christian - Malankara, Christian - Marthoma, Christian - Others, Christian - Pentacost, Christian - Roman Catholic, Christian - Seventh-day Adventist, Christian - Syrian Catholic, Christian - Syrian Jacobite, Christian - Syrian Orthodox, Christian - Syro Malabar, Christian - unspecified, Muslim - Ansari, Muslim - Arain, Muslim - Awan, Muslim - Bohra, Muslim - Dekkani, Muslim - Dudekula, Muslim - Hanafi, Muslim - Jat, Muslim - Khoja, Muslim - Lebbai, Muslim - Malik, Muslim - Mapila, Muslim - Maraicar, Muslim - Memon, Muslim - Mughal, Muslim - Others, Muslim - Pathan, Muslim - Qureshi, Muslim - Rajput, Muslim - Rowther, Muslim - Shafi, Muslim - Sheikh, Muslim - Siddiqui, Muslim - Syed, Muslim - UnSpecified, Sikh - Ahluwalia, Sikh - Arora, Sikh - Bhatia, Sikh - Bhatra, Sikh - Ghumar, Sikh - Intercaste, Sikh - Jat, Sikh - Kamboj, Sikh - Khatri, Sikh - Kshatriya, Sikh - Lubana, Sikh - Majabi, Sikh - Nai, Sikh - Others, Sikh - Rajput, Sikh - Ramdasia, Sikh - Ramgharia, Sikh - Ravidasia, Sikh - Saini, Sikh - Tonk Kshatriya, Sikh - Unspecified
Hair Style
Mohawk, Undetectable toupee, Faux-hawk, Dreadlocks, Spiky
Gospel, Christian Rock
Transgender, Male, Not Sure, Transgender-MTF, Transgender-FTM, Intersex
Monkey, Pot-Bellied Pig, Horse, Horses, Farm Animal, Farm Animals, Rabbit, Rabbits, Tribbles, Dog, Dogs, Cat, Cats, Bird, Birds, Turtle, Turtles, Snake, Snakes, Fish, Ferret, Ferrets, Iguana, Small Furry Creature, Spider, Spiders, Guinea Pig, Guinea Pigs, Rat, Rats
Socially, they are
Dealing with OCD
Their Ethnicity
African American, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander
Hair Color
Light brown, Dark brown, White / gray, Bald, Depends on the day of the week
Gay, Lesbian, Transgender-mtf, Transgender-ftm
Romance, Horror, Nothing but porn
Their Body Type
Disabled, Overweight, Fat and proud
Hobbies & Interests
Hunting, Horseback riding, Bible study, Fishing
They currently live
With pets, On a pirate ship
Do they drink?
Liquor, Socially, Daily, Like a fish, Alcoholic, Only blood, Beer, Wine
Do they smoke?
Socially, Daily, Like a chimney, Chain smoker, Only when I drink, 420, Hookah, Cigarettes, Cigars, Electronic cigarettes, Pipe, Clove cigarettes, Cigarillos
Divorced, Married, Domestic partnership, Seeing someone, Couple, Committed, Open relationship, Dating someone special, Civil union, Polyamorous
Have Kids
No - do not want kids, Yes - single parent home, Yes - grown and out of the house, Yes, No - and am unable to
Their Education Level
Some high school

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